• Android Apps

    Prerequisite Knowledge: Intermediary Programming Knowledge. Understanding of object oriented programming ideas & concepts. Would be easier to learn with some knowledge and past usage of Java (or another language like C#, Swift), though this is not compulsory.

  • 1

    Intro to Java

    • Variables, Methods, Classes, Loops, If Statements and switches, Arrays. Quick Run through of OOP Concepts like inheritance, encapsulation.

  • 2

    Intro to Android

    • Theory on the Android SDK.
    • How android works. (Layout, Res, Activities and Fragments, Manifest)
    • CConstituents of an android app. (File structure and where to find things).
    • Intro to Libraries and other SDKs

  • 3

    First Android App

    • ToDo App: App allows you to add tasks and mark them as done. Here student will learn about Layouts, Fragments, Activities, Interaction.
    • Persistence. The Hard Way.
    • ORM for android (Active Android or Realm)

  • 5

    Second Android App

    • Internet based application and Interaction with APIs.
    • Introduction to making REST calls with Java.
    • REST library, Retrofit.
    • We build a simple Twitter App that allows us to view 100 recents tweets on the user’s timeline. And post a tweet. (UI thread and Async Task, Intent Service).

  • 6

    Building Android Applications with Parse

    • Introduction to Parse.
    • How to use Parse.
    • Build simple app like instagram that allows users to sign in with Twitter or Faceook, upload photos, like and comment on other people’s photos.